Pattern Printing FAQ

You can check the document dimensions by opening the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader and moving your mouse to the lower left corner of the program window. The dimensions will appear there. To always display page dimensions, click on Edit and go to Preferences, then Page Display, and under the Page Content and Information box check Always Show Document Page Size. The dimensions will always appear at the lower left corner of your screen automatically. 
A0 is an international standard paper size, 33.11" x 46.80". It’s a common copyshop size used by pattern designers. But be careful. There are pattern filenames that say A0, but are really much longer.
If you have 1 PDF file that has 3 copyshop sized pages, the number of pattern pages would be 3. Opening the PDF file in any PDF viewer will tell you the page count. 
Absolutely, just put in the Notes box which page number(s) you would like us to print. 
We cannot edit or modify the PDF files, or print specific layers or sizes. They are printed as-is. 
No, all pattern orders are printed at 100%, or 1:1 scale. This is the way the pattern PDF files are designed to be printed. Otherwise they wouldn’t be useful to you, and the garments wouldn’t fit as intended. There isn't a need to verify the scale, it would measure out exactly at the dimensions listed on the square. If the measurement square is off, it is due to the file not being created or sized properly. 
On a MAC when downloading the PDF patterns, choosing "Export as PDF" will shrink the file size to letter size for printing on your home printer. You need to choose "Export" to maintain the original file dimensions. 
We offer USPS Priority Mail, UPS Ground, and UPS Next Day Air as shipping options. Normal sized USPS Priority Mail orders are shipped in a USPS cardboard shipping triangle. Normal sized UPS Ground and UPS Next Day Air orders are shipped in a UPS World View shipping triangle. All large orders are shipped in a double wall brown craft paper shipping bag. The internal dimensions of the shipping triangles will not accommodate larger rolls.

How To Order Pattern Printing