What File Types Can I Use?

In order to offer you the best plotting pricing, we can only accept PDF files (or a .zip archive of pdf files, of course).

Why Adobe PDF?

With a 15+ year track record, PDF is the de facto standard for the secure and reliable distribution and exchange of electronic documents around the world. PDF is a universal file format that preserves the fonts, images, graphics, and layout of any source document, regardless of the application and platform used to create it. Adobe® PDF files are compact and complete, and can be shared, viewed, and printed by anyone with free Adobe® Reader® software.

Why We Only Accept PDF

In order to bring you the best prices on plotting, we only accept files in the Adobe® PDF format. This policy ensures that we can go straight to the plotting phase with your file, eliminating the potential problems associated with the native file formats of the leading CAD applications. By sending us your drawing sets as PDF, you can rest assured that your hard-copy plots are exactly what you expect to see.

How do you make a PDF?

Many CAD applications can now export as a PDF (Portable Document Format). Acrobat Professional from Adobe Systems is the premiere PDF creation and editing suite. We also have had success using a “free” product called PDF995.

Why is it important to convert to PDF?

A correctly generated PDF will include all of the line weights, typefaces (fonts), and images used in your drawing(s), thus simplifying the whole process for you and us. Our output devices are tuned to plot PDFs generated from the leading CAD applications, so by using the Portable Document Format, you are ensuring the highest plot quality with the fastest possible turnaround time.

What changes might occur as my file is saved as a PDF?

Be sure to view your PDF in the Adobe Reader software and check for correct fonts, pen and line weights, letter spacing, image resolution, etc. What you see in the PDF is what will be plotted.

I was sent a PDF file which I need printed. How do I make text changes?

PDFs are editable in Acrobat Professional from Adobe Systems. You can also investigate the possibilities offered by the “free” PDF995 software. We can offer assistance in making minor corrections and alterations for a nominal fee. Please contact us directly if you wish us to change and existing PDF for you.

I am trying to order patterns. How can I determine the size?

You can check the document dimensions by opening the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat and looking in the bottom left hand corner for the dimensions. One common size is A0, which is a European size of roughly 34" x 47". In order to print that size properly, you would want to select the 36" x 48" page size. Then under document sizing, you would choose "My file(s) are not sized to the dimensions selected" and then "Print at provided size centered on page size(s) selected". This way your pattern would be printed at 100% in the center of the page. If its printed "Fit To Page", the pattern dimensions will not work and the scale your patterns will not be correct. Additionally, make sure all of your patterns are that size.

I am trying to order patterns. How can I determine the number of originals?

Several patterns from different manufacturers contain multiple pages. Each page is counted as an original. So if you have 3 PDF files, and each one is 2 pages, then the number of originals would be 6. Opening the PDF file in any PDF viewer will tell you the page count.

What are your normal turnaround times?

PDFplotting.com orders placed before 2:00 PM EST will print and ship the same day. Delivery times are determined by which shipping option you choose when completing your order. Please see the sidebar for more information

Where are you located?

We are located at 1420 Commerce Road, Richmond, VA 23224. From downtown Richmond, simply cross the Manchester bridge and continue 1.5 miles. We are on the left.

Can you UPS my drawing to me or to my client(s)?

Yes, we print, package and then ship UPS. When completing the final order form with your billing information, payment, etc., you have the opportunity to specify a delivery address that is different that credit card payment billing address.

What type of credit cards do you accept

We accept payments with Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover Card.